Social Media Campaign

Creating an effective Social Media Campaign involves several steps. Here’s a general deliverables list:

Identification of goals: A simple & effective understanding of the campaign business goals and objectives per platform is the starting point. We determine how social media can support the business to achieve those goals.

A customised proposal: Based on the business goals, a customised proposal that outlines the social media strategy, including target audience, messaging, content, and tactics is delivered. A timeline of a week is usually enough.

Virtual meetings : An ‘introduction call, proposal call & end-of-project call’ are to be scheduled for best project & communication results.


The tangible deliverables of a social media campaign are the measurable outcomes that indicate whether the campaign is achieving its goals and objectives. Here are some of the most common:

Increased reach: The number of people who have seen the social media content, including likes, shares, and comments.

Engagement: The number of people who have interacted with the content, such as likes, comments, shares, and clicks.

Follower growth: The number of new followers who have joined the social media account during the campaign.

Lead generation: The number of leads who have provided their contact information or shown interest in the product or service.

Website traffic: The number of people who have visited the website through social media links or ads.

Conversions: The number of people who have completed a desired action, such as making a purchase, filling out a form, or downloading a resource.

Return on investment (ROI): The overall profitability of the campaign, calculated as the difference between the cost of the campaign and the revenue generated by it.

Overall, the tangible deliverables of a social media campaign provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of the campaign and can help businesses optimise their strategies for greater success.


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