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If you’re looking to upgrade or get your business off the ground, you’ve come to the right place. Studio3B works with aspiring, to medium-sized businesses, combining big business wisdom, with an incredible value proposition. Whether it’s a rebrand, new strategy or expanding your social presence, support from the ground up is available, to make sure you shine your best in the market.

Studio3B has your best interest at heart. With 23 years of industry experience, creating award-winning results, and manifesting dreams into reality. Using sound, time-tested business strategies to create intriguing, authentic visual solutions, your business can hold it’s head high. Ground in the firm foundation for your business & co-create your sustainable future of abundance with a legacy made for a Queen.

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The ‘ABC’s of Business Success


Ascension Strategy

Transform your business into it’s highest expression with a solid, Business Ascension Strategy. Define your DNA, bring your Brand Identity to life and watch your business thrive. Use the Ascension Compass, Business Blueprint & a Brand Name to perform at your highest energy in today’s digital marketplace. Learn more


Branding & Design

The look & feel of your business has never been more important. Setting up successful Building Blocks at the foundation level will allow your business to take flight and never look back. Identify your business with greatness with a impactful Logo, Housestyle & Web Design. Learn more



Creating momentum & awareness around your Brand is one of the most important places to focus once A & B are firmly in place. Feeling your influence in the ever-changing market can be a reality with a Strategic Flight Plan, Sales Funnels & Social Media Campaigns. Measuring results next to goals and objectives can lead to even greater success. Learn more

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Brian is also involved in powerful Transformational Coaching & Mentoring. This brand look & feel was created in minutes with a smile symbol that invokes peace. This service supports the next level of personal brand development, in the mid of the entrepreneur. The website was live in 3 days with a payment portal, appointment & event calendar as well.

Magical Hearts

Evolving this project from Ascension Strategy to Visual Identity was simple. The client brought sketches and clear desires to the table. The  Logo & Housestyle was created in record time with a Social Media Campaign and Website Design 2.0 to come in quick and easily. A professional photographer made the site beautiful as well, always a plus.


Evolution Energetics

This project started with a clear DNA definition from the Ascension Strategy Program, creating a new Brand Identity, Logo & Housestyle to build on. The Logo was co-created with the client on the spot in a 15-min session. The project culminated in a full Website Redesign, a platform change as well while integrating the existing Booking Calendar.

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Why is design important?

Building a Strong Brand on a Budget: The importance of Brand Strategy for small business owners

Small business owners face a unique set of challenges when it comes to building a strong brand, often with limited resources and tight budgets. But, with a bit of creativity and strategic thinking, it is possible to build a strong brand on a budget. In this article, we'll explore the importance of brand strategy for small business owners, and provide tips and techniques for building a strong brand on a budget. Read more

Supporting the next generation

A portion of every project’s proceeds goes toward supporting Cambodia’s children & families through the CCDO. Improving education, sanitation, living standards, creating work & trade opportunities and community building has been seen firsthand and runs beautifully. So many are being lifted up and out of hard situations, you can feel great about working with us since you are supporting CCDO as well. Thank you for your kindness, compassion & showing up!

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About Brian

Studio3B is run by Branding specialist & internationally award-winning Designer, Brian Bibi. Designing for 23 years at a top industry level with sound strategy & effective, authentic execution at its foundation. He co-creates with conscious clients to bring forth the best in themselves & their business for a sustainable, thriving future in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.

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