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If you’re looking to upgrade the energy of your business, or get your business off the ground, you’ve come to the right place. This is the next step to shining your light to the world. Studio3B works with aspiring, small- & medium-sized businesses, to level the playing field by bringing big business wisdom straight to you for small studio prices. Whether it’s a rebrand, concept or expanding on an amazing business concept, support from the ground up is available to make sure you spring into action in a big way.

Here at Studio3B, we’ve got your best interests at heart. With 23 years of industry experience (with Fortune 500 companies) creating award-winning results, we’re ready to listen and turn your dreams into reality. Visually manifesting sound strategies, we can bring your business into an authentic, value-driven expression like no other in the market. Building up from a firm foundation, we can co-create your sustainable future of expansion together.

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Branding & Identity Design

Focusing on the three main Branding pillars to lift your business into a league of its own.

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Strategy & Identity

Building a strategy on a firm foundation allows the Brand to fully expand naturally. Working from Studio3B’s Brand Navigator creates a clear direction for Brand development.

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Living Brand Solutions allow the visual essence to emerge as an authentic aesthetic experience based solely off of the strategic direction. Big firm solutions with small studio prices 😉

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Graphic Design

Further developing the unique design direction through world-class visual aesthetics & typography, the brand begins to fully express its products & services.

Case Study : AwBd

Awakened Bellydance received a refreshed Logo, a new website & structure with booking calendar, payment portal, custom SEO, newsletter templates & more. These have created a consistent look & feel across social media accounts, enhancing the user experience, adding magic money opportunities to the site and a search engine friendly site. Katie now runs the site on her own, having been given detail instructions at each project stage. Increasing empowerment & abundance for our clients is key.

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Supporting the next generation

A portion of every project’s proceeds goes toward supporting Cambodia’s children & families through the CCDO. Improving education, sanitation, living standards, creating work & trade opportunities and community building has been seen firsthand and runs beautifully. So many are being lifted up and out of hard situations, you can feel great about working with us since you are supporting CCDO as well. Thank you for your kindness, compassion & showing up!

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About Brian

Studio3B is owned & operated by Branding & Design specialist, Brian Bibi. Designing for 23 years at a top industry level with sound strategy & effective, authentic execution at it’s core. An international award-winning Designer with numerous Design & Communication awards received, he spends his time optimising brand performance to their highest potential. He also loves being in nature and having fun with family & friends.

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