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If you’re looking to add some new energy in your business, professional or personal life, you’ve come to the right place. You’ve taken the first step to becoming a leading force in the global market. Studio3B works with aspiring & small- to medium-sized businesses, to bring big business wisdom straight to you. Whether it’s a rebrand or expanding on an amazing business concept, we can support you from the ground up to make sure you spring into action in a big way.

Here at Studio3B, we’ve got your best interests in mind. With 23 years of industry experience working with Fortune 500 companies creating award-winning results, we’re ready to listen and turn your dreams into reality. Visually manifesting sound strategies, we can bring your business into an authentic, value-driven expression like no other in the market.

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Branding & Identity Design

We focus on the three main pillars of Branding to bring your business into a league of its own.

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Building a strategy on a firm foundation allows the Brand to fully expand naturally. Working from Studio3B’s Brand Navigator creates a clear direction for Brand development.

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Living Brand Solutions allow the visual essence to emerge as an authentic aesthetic experience based solely off of the strategic direction. Big firm solutions with small studio prices 😉

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Further developing the unique design direction through world-class visual aesthetics & typography, the brand begins to fully express its products & services.

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“ Brian is fantastic. I would definitely recommend Brian to my friends.”

Sophie M. England, UK

“ Very happy with the experience. Brian is very friendly and helpful. Highly recommended. Thank you, appreciate it.”

Tsvetan N. Toronto, Canada

“ Brian is very friendly - lots of interesting stories and very knowledgeable.”

Michael H. Liverpool, UK

Passive Income Generators

When looking to expand, it’s best to let online libraries sell while you sleep.

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A 24-hour web presence is a necessity since the world is online. Being able to sell your products & services at any time is key. Wake up with more money. So many are doing it, join in the fun!

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Take that brilliant idea and bring it to life! Strategizing the best markets, formats, titles and delivery is key to finding a place in the market for your products to flourish. Together we can make it happen for you.

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How about showing everyone what you’re passionate about? Become a leader on a global scale, attract an active subscriber base and monetize your efforts for passive income that can change lives forever!


About Brian

Studio3B is owned by Branding Expert & Consultant, Brian Bibi. A  for 23 years at a top industry level with sound strategy & effective, authentic execution at its core. An award-winning Designer with numerous Design & Communication awards received, he spends his time optimising brand performance and directing projects to their highest potential. More

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