Studio3B is owned & operated by Brian Bibi.
Strategically bridging creators with their highest self-expression & success.


Professional attributes

Branding Specialist – 23 years in the Branding & Identity Design industry, at a top level, with sound strategy & effective, authentic execution at it’s foundation. #EssenceBranding
Award-winning Designer – Numerous Design & Communication awards on two continents & published on three.
Mentor & Teacher – I listen well & speak truth. I offer insight learned from ancient wisdom & my own wealth of experience to further support uplifting your expression & realisation.
Children’s Author – 24 books available worldwide 🙂 #PassiveIncome
YouTuber – 7 channels, 18.5 million views & counting 😉 #BroadcastYourself

Personal attributes

Michigan roots - raised in Niles, MI, US… living near Amsterdam, NL, 20 yrs…
World traveller - 35 US states, 34 countries on 5 continents #EarthSchool
Extreme sports enthusiast - Hang gliding, Paragliding, Live Volcano & Mt. climbing, Hiking, Biking, Polar Bear Diving, OH MY! #LivingBeyondLimits
Change Navigator - No entertaining F.E.A.R. or limiting beliefs. Welcoming life with Love & Acceptance 🙂
Blissipline self-practitioner - Consistently focused on creating my bliss + disciplined action = Heroic performance
Multidimensional perspective - Self-actualising for the greatest good of all.
Extremely Grateful  for ALL OF IT!


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