World-class Business Strategy Program

Successful businesses have solid, strategic foundations shining at their core.

When this strategic process is written into your business’ DNA, you can perform your best for success in the market. You can even start this world-class process for free, by downloading the Brand Compass 1-2-3.

When ready to fully see the vision, understand your mission & define your businesses DNA, feel free to do the entire Brand Compass yourself or co-create with Brian in the Brand Strategy Program.

This world-class Business Strategy Program has 3 parts : the Brand Compass, Business Blueprint & the Brand Name. All three parts make up the ‘Brand Identity’ that brings your business to life.


Brand Compass

Studio3B works with an 11-part Brand Compass, that finds the specific & authentic DNA for yourself / your business and brings it together as the foundation and magnetising force at the core of the business.

The 11-parts of the DNA create the unique Identity that serves as the brand navigator to keep the brand on track with visuals & communication in the market. By building on this firm foundation, magical success can happen.

The Brand Compass is co-created with Brian, into a beautifully authentic, crystalised gem that shines at the core of your business from which everything else is build around.

Business Blueprint

Your unique Business Blueprint supports the Brand, so anything you put out into the market, is in alignment with the Brand’s overall goals & plan.

All moving parts are laid out in a clear & concise structure, so that when inspiration arrives for something new in the business, you can see ‘where & how’ it can fit into your Business Blueprint and be implemented with ease.

Also, when the road gets cloudy, the Business Blueprint can keep you on track, in your lane and operating well through the tough times.


Brand Name

What shall we call you? A thorough study is developed to explore the possibilities of what a your quality Brand Name could be. During this process, Titles, Descriptions, Taglines and more can be discovered that add to the Brand’s visual communication.

Different Name & Brand types are used, together with the core strategy to create variations & combinations that resonate with the business. Once the best gems present themselves, a Top Ten list is presented, along with 3 recommendations and a Brand Name with Tagline are selected.

Co-create your custom strategy with Brian & realise your business dreams together.


Co-creative Sessions

Collaboration, cooperation & co-creation is where the new world of communication is moving to. Why struggle through a process alone, when you can be supported by a Branding specialist of 23 years that has your best interests at heart. By working together you can achieve more, faster, and with less effort. That sounds great to us too.

By linking up with Brian on a couple Zoom video calls, you receive personal attention from someone who listens well, is a motivated problem-solver and will walk confidently beside you the entire way. Appointment times vary, yet let’s not rush & do our best to co-create the results your business needs to thrive.

To understand the entire Studio3B ‘ABC’ Design Process, visit B for Branding : Visualising the Energy of Your Business’

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