Happy Food Books!

Inside these books you’ll find, Happy Foods for body & mind! 

A Father & Son children’s series by Brian & Kaya Bibi [Age 9]. The second book in the series, The Happy Veggie Book, is available digitally & printed as well. A companion Guidebook is available as well. 

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The Happy Fruit Book is the first book available in the Happy Books series, printed & digital.

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These delicious, super foods are having loads of fun, rhyming & teaching young readers about the benefits of eating healthy!

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Created for beginning readers, Happy Fruits walks kids through the A to Z of some key benefits while having fun.

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Why eat fruit? How does fruit affect the body? The mind? These answers are presented in a fun & light, rhyming tale, providing healthy education for your child’s future.

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For Kids by Kids. Kaya, 9 years old, created the illustrations along with his father, Brian, [a big kid] to help empower children around the world to make healthy choices.

The Happy Fruit Guidebook is an informative companion for teachers, parents & guardians to inform young eaters about what foods can give what benefits. [Digital only]

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Amazon has printed books, to flip through with your little ones.
$13, 62 pgs, 8.5" x 8.5"

Gumroad has instant downloadable eBooks [PDF] for your convenience.
$0.99, 34 pgs. Readable on any smartphone, tablet or PC that can read PDF files.

Stay tuned for more smiles with: The Happy Nut Book & more!

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