18 : 7 Woke up yesterday being Grateful for My Father

gratefulness day 7

Thanks Dad for showing me so many different ways to work with my hands. I am able to do so much myself #Empowerment

Thank you for teaching me how to take responsibility for oneself. I do not blame. #BeingReal

Thank you for showing me that is is OK to be Me. I am a Conscious Creator #Joy

I then went on to having an emotionally roller coaster of a day, triggering Anger at every turn, being IN the emotions instead of where I usually sit back from a peaceful place observing them. I began reacting instead of wise responding. To the point where I woke up to what was happening, I was releasing Anger in my moment so its important to Love myself through it and allow the release as healthy as possible for the greatest good of all.

I began clearing Anger by expressing it passionately in a non-destructive way, Yes I was cussing lots yesterday, very different experience for me. It helped to keep me present n wake me up to THIS IS ANGER. Realizing down deep that I NEED TO LOVE MYSELF & ALL NOW.

I Had healthy yet Strongly expressed conversations. I was very grateful at each outcome. Expresing Love to all involved.

- We must not Crush the creativity of Children!

- I Do Not Agree!

- Thats Fear based Programming!

Reminding myself throughout the day that “I AM Aligned with the All that IS. This is All Divine Timing” and “Express with Love”

The Body needed to release Anger n was allowed to do so lovingly. The Soul directed the body through it, moving its focus to Love during it.

At the end of the day, I was so JOYFILLED and Laughing at every turn, I had reached a higher state of Being by Embracing the Density that was hiding inside of My Cellular Memory. With it dissolved, I was again, THE JOY THAT I RESIDE AS. #INTENSELYAMAZING

After this wild ride of emotions yesterday, I am grateful & joyful that I was able to express & release safely for all involved and let another level of density go to bring more light into my experience.

I forgive my Father for All of it. I forgive Myself for All of it.

I Live Love. I Breath Love. I Am Love.


#ILoveYou #ReleasingAnger #HealthyRelease #Allowing #Surrender #Expression #IlluminationStation 

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