Accept where you are. Keep expanding the dream.

Be open to new solutions. Release what’s not working. State your new intention. Focus like your life depended on it.

Starting with that we can create so much already. That’s my first gift to you & there are so many more to give.

Whether it’s consistency issues, business & creative blocks, or creating a sound strategy to penetrate the market and really be seen, we can expand your business success together.

Here are a couple different ways we can connect to enhance your business presence.


Are you launching a new product or brand in the market? Are you new to branding and need some expert advise on how to hit the ground running? Perhaps you’ve hit a plateau or have had some negative feedback from your brand. Any and all of these can be corrected and aligned easily through reflection and analysis. I’m an expert in the field with 23 years experience. Let’s get your brand on track.


Are you having trouble finding more clients? Don’t understand marketing? Feeling like you’ve exhausted your resources & need a fresh set of eyes to look at your work? I can assist you in finding a clear path of action, built from your unique business in the market, to support next-level growth & abundance. Let’s grow your business together!

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“ Ideal, respectful, nice, helpful, well-educated, empathy. If you get the chance, work with Brian!”
Javier-Tristan O. Otterlo, Netherlands

“ Brian gave us great tips of things to do and went through it in detail, which was very helpful! I’d do it again! Thanks for being so kind and for the great tips! ”

Margaret V. Rhode Island, USA

“ Brian was really helpful and he responded almost immediately in every email that I've sent him. I recommend it for everybody. ”

Στέφανος Λ. Athens, Greece

Ways we can connect

Brand Consulting via video calls is a great way to get through issues of ‘where to go next’, how best to expand or any other blocks that are holding your business back. Setting-up weekly calls can also work well when you would like to be held accountable for your goals as well. If you are dealing with any of the areas below, I can be a great asset for you, as I have been with countless others.

  • Launching a new product or business
  • New to branding & don’t know where to start
  • Need a sound strategy to go to market
  • Have difficulty achieving your goals
  • Had some negative feedback & need a game plan
  • Feeling stuck or lack of inspiration
  • Entertaining worry, stress & fear
  • Wanting more money & freedom
  • Earning a living from your passion

1-on-1 private consultation : € 125/hr
4 x private consultations : € 450

Time zone: GMT +1 [Amsterdam, NL]

Contact to schedule your first call. Please specify your date/time preferences.

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