WordPress Website Maintenance & Care Plans

Managing WordPress & WooCommerce sites is core to our business. Why do the back-end work, when you can simply hand it over and get back to shining your best.

MAINTAIN : $ 60/m

• Weekly WP updates (plugin, theme & core)
• Functionality testing (diagnostics & error testing)
• 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
• Daily cloud backups
• eCommerce site support
• 18h/7d Emergency support
• Bi-weekly reporting (updates, uptime, backups, security & performance)

OPTIMISE : $ 80/m

Maintain package included
• SEO updates & expansion (more pages with SEO, better scores on existing pages)
• Mobile & tablet optimisation
• Image & media optimisation
• Speed optimisation

UPGRADE : $ 120/m

Maintain & Optimise packages included
• Unlimited site edits (small tasks up to 30min)
• Increase site usability (menus & pages)
• Membership site support
• Advanced custom support


Included with all three maintenance tiers, 7 days a week, including weekends, because sites don’t sleep.

Service, Support & Solution Orientated

We specialise in managing WordPress sites, yet also have extensive, professional experience with Shopify & Squarespace sites respectively. Are you tired of dealing with minor site issues, lose your login often, dont know how the back-end works? These & more things could be annoying you when it comes to your site. So then let it go. Delegate responsibility to trained, technical professionals that injoy this work and feel that weight just fade away in an instant.

We are dedicated to making sure your site is secure, fast and running smoothly. We manage sites with advanced functionality that have : membership portals, multi-language & currencies, on-site payments, calendar systems and more. Some of the advanced maintenance plans require more resources, so make sure you find the right plan for your needs, so we can manage your site effectively, no matter the hosting plan you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in the unlimited edits?

Edits to content on any page, changing banners, headers, footers, plugin settings, CSS adjustments, blog content, content edits, creating a new landing page, formatting pages, changing images or text, adding coupon codes and / or shopping cart settings are all included.

Examples : You want a new blog page built, send content, images and instructions. You want a new product for the shop & proide all needed content. You want some new functionality and we find the best plugin to fit your needs & add the settings. You want to update content, send it to us & we add it to the site.

What’s not included in the unlimited edits?

Editing that is not included : custom development (php, plugins, themes, etc…), updating custom code, any software or tools outside of WordPress, Host or Registrar, Graphic Design, building full pages to match an exact design, content creation, rebuilding or building out a site.

Example : You want us to create a new blog page, find images, write content, with no instructions. You want us to create a custom checkout process in WooCommerce. You want us to create functionality that doesn't exist in a plugin. You want us to write your content or design your page (this is hourly work).

Does my hosting provider matter?

We will work with any WordPress site, no matter who the host is. Sites have different needs and keeping budgets in check is important. Yet speed & security goals may be difficult to meet if you are using a shared hosting provider. Feel free to stopover to Siteground for excellent service & hosting for a great price.

Onboarding details

Once you sign up for a care plan, you will receive a welcome email with all the plans details, a checklist of optimisations and instructions on how to securely handover login details. Within 24-48hrs after receiving the login information, your plan will be fully implemented. Speed upgrades can take up to a week because of the special care needed for core, theme & plugin updates. We take extra time to make sure this is done without causing any downtime or compromising the site in anyway. Transparency during the transition period is important so you will receive notifications via email of the work completed & improvements achieved.

What if I have multiple sites needing managed?

No worries, weve got you covered. Each Care Plan covers one website, domain, subdomain & WordPress installation. With multiple sites or subdomains, simply sign each one up separately, with the right plan for the site and leave the rest to us.

Can I call you regarding maintenance issues?

We keep the team pretty lean, so its best to contact either via email or Telegram. We place customer service very high on our priorities, so hopefully you'll injoy our fast email support and find it effective & efficient.

Why should I work with you? What can you offer thats better?

Personal service is the cornerstone of our maintenance business. We strive for excellence yet our customers reviews tell the best story, so feel free to see for yourself.

Effortlessly keep your site active & healthy

Sign up for a WordPress Website Maintenance Plan & shine on(line), you crazy diamond.