Strategic Branding Package

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World-class Direction
We co-create the brand strategy that defines your businesses unique DNA & Identity.
Brand Compass: The 11-point DNA Identity definer
A ‘co-creative’ 1 hour(+) video call to finalise the DNA
Final revisions to final strategy
Custom Business Model: Know how to do what, where
Marketing Strategy (Lite): Know what to say, how & where
+ Branding
Award-winning Look & Feel
A firm visual foundation is created that exemplifies the strategic direction & objectives
‘Strategy’ package plus:
The Brand’s Visual Building Blocks (Symbol, Logotype & Tagline; Colour system, etc…)
A 1-hour Brand presentation video call
Final revisions to final design
Your Brand’s Guidelines (Lite): How to use your Building Blocks
Digital deliverables: all building blocks & examples
+ Web Design
Digital presence that can earn
A site that communicates your authentic vision out to the digital marketplace
‘Branding’ package plus:
Technical set-up: Domain, server & email set-up *
WordPress Web Design (4-page content & 4-page legal)
Booking & Events Calendar with Online Shop
Site presentation & handover: including a custom video tutorial
Final revisions to final design
All administrator logins

* Low additional costs to run the website do apply : 1-year domain, server & calendar subscriptions.

World-class Strategic Direction

Brand Compass Co-creation

We collaborate to define your brand's 11-point DNA & Identity by using the Brand Compass. Once you’ve filled in the areas as best you can, we’ll finalise the DNA over a 1-hour video call. An additional Brand Naming study can be conducted & presented to create the perfect fit, when needed. Now we can move onto the visualisation stage.

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Digital Deliverables

You receive a comprehensive Brand Compass, detailing your businesses 11-point DNA, a tailored Business Model showing how your business fills the needs & responds to the market, and a streamlined yet detailed Marketing Strategy, to point your promotion in the right direction.

~ Brand Compass (11-pt DNA)
~ Business Model
~ Marketing Strategy (Lite)

Award-winning Branding & Design

Research & Development

We delve into thorough analysis & research, to create an overall snapshot of the market, the competitors and their visual communication styles. We figure out what’s working (and not) and stand on their shoulders to make sure your business is on the same playing field from the start.

Branding Presentation

After roughly a week of brand design, your authentic branding concept is presented and discussed over a 1-hour video call, showing how the custom strategy translates into a visual brand that stands on its own with award-winning design quality. Revisions can be made and then the Brand is set & ready to be implemented in the print & digital world. Congrats!

‘Building Blocks’ digital deliverables

~ Brand Guidelines : how to use the brand, including:
~ Symbol, Logotype & Tagline
~ Brand Structure
~ Colour system
~ Typography (on- & offline)
~ House style graphic element
~ Photography direction
~ 3 branded examples

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WordPress Web Design made easy

Content Collection & Asset Creation

We guide you through the process of gathering & writing essential content and create impactful assets to enhance your brand's online presence.

Technical Set-up

~ Domain, server, and email service set-up
~ Installation, activation, and integration for a seamless technical foundation

Web Design

~ 4-page Content Build (varies): We design and build key pages such as Home, Custom 1 & 2, and About with customisable content.
~ 4-page Legal Build: essential legal pages go live: Contact, Terms, Cookies & Privacy Policy - to ensure your website complies with online global governance.

Digital deliverables

~ Domain, server & email service set-up
~ 8-page WordPress website, you can maintain
~ A booking & events calendar, online shop
~ 1 product, event & service offering
~ High quality SEO on pages & digital assets
~ Newsletter sign-up form integration
~ Custom video tutorial on how to run & expand your site
~ Final .jpgs / .pngs / .pdfs
~ All login’s, passwords & admin keys

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Extra Services

Communication Sales Funnel

We start by defining the target audience to understand their needs, pain points, and preferences. We then develop your unique lead magnet to attract them. Next, we design & build a landing page to promote the lead magnet and capture those warm leads and build the business. It will be optimised for conversion, with a clear call-to-action and minimal distractions.

Marketing Communication Strategy

This strategic marketing communication plan contains: clear goals and objectives, your core target audience, your unique value proposition, a comprehensive marketing mix, budget allocation, return-on-investment (ROI) goals &
monitoring schedule with optimisation additions. Simply use this as your promotional success blueprint.

Social Media Campaign

We start by identifying your business goals and objectives per social platform. A customised proposal is created that outlines your unique social media strategy, including target audience, messaging and content themes. Video calls are used to align a great project & communication process.

WordPress Website Care Plans

Managing WordPress & WooCommerce sites is core to our business. Yet we also have extensive, professional experience with Shopify & Squarespace sites respectively.

Are you tired of dealing with minor site issues, lose your login often, dont know how the back-end works? These can be annoying over time, when you simply want to get back to your work. So you can delegate it responsibility to trained, technical professionals that injoy this work. Feel that weight just fade away in an instant.

For more in-depth information about this service, see Website Care Plans.

Package Pricing

At Studio3B, we believe in tailoring each client's experience to their unique vision & budget. Embracing a custom, sliding pricing scale ensures that financial considerations never stand in the way of co-creating extraordinary solutions.

Your authentic Strategic Brand & Website Shop awaits!

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World-class Direction
Your Strategic Foundation
+ Branding
Award-winning Look & Feel
Strategy & Branding
+ Web Design
Digital presence that can earn
Strategy, Branding & Design

* Low additional costs to run the site do apply : 1-year domain, server & calendar subscriptions.