The Kingdom of Rubber & Gummy

Welcome to the Kingdom of Rubber & Gummy! 🙂

Catch the Coat of the King, the first book in the children’s series, is an enchanting tale of fun and cuteness. Set in an extraordinary world with the whims and moans of imaginary King Rubber. His friends love and support each other while having fun.

Let’s meet the gang!

Meet King Rubber, the Imaginary King (or the Grouch) 😀

"How do I look? Great. I know.” - GUMMY, The Spoiled Princess

SHADDO - The Stealthy Protector
They seek her here. They seek her there. They seek that shadow everywhere.

“Meeoohm” - Lotus, The Wise One

“In the mood to play? Let's have an adventure!” - Ginger, The Playful Kitten

Join these curious cats on this whimsical adventure, learning about their world, their friendships and all the playful antics they get up to!

Read along with the first book!

More coming soon, including an Apple & Android app 🙂


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