Ascension Compass : 1-2-3

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This is the first 3-parts of the 11-part Ascension Compass, to get you started for free. These three are the cornerstone of the system, so this really is a gift.

The Ascension Compass finds the specific & authentic DNA for yourself / your business and creates the foundation and magnetising force at the core of yourself / your business.

The 11-parts of the DNA create the unique Identity that serves as the brand navigator to keep the visuals & communication on track in the market. By building on this firm foundation, magical success can happen.

This Ascension Compass 123 is a shortened D.I.Y. version. You can do the first 3 parts yourself. If you’d like to continue & finish the 11-parts, click here.

If you’d like to be certain about the solutions, you can co-create with Brian. This will result into a beautifully authentic, crystalised gem that shines at the core of the business from which everything else is build around.



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