Accept where you are. Know you can be so much more.

Open to trust. Release the burden. State your new intention. Commit & focus on it daily.

Starting with that we can create so much already. That’s my first gift to you & there are so many more to give.

Whether it’s family issues, creative blocks, creating time for you or even embracing more of who you are, we can expand your experience of Self & increase your abundance & manifestation skills together.

After a couple years off from Coaching, I’m back. Here are a few different ways we can connect to enhance your life.


Has your old life recently blown up? Are you stuck in a rut & can’t find the door? Are you creating more Fear than Love? Don’t wait another minute, call me. I’m a great listener and can support you in finding your way to your greatest life. It’s possible, if you can allow it. You are meant for great things. I know we can make it happen for you. Let’s focus on bringing it in for you together.


Are you searching for the secrets of the Universe? Had an OBE? Feeling intense energies & emotions you can’t explain? Perhaps you’ve hit a plateau in your meditative practice and are looking for a different perspective. Any and all are welcome to reflect, share & grow together. Let’s anchor in your highest timeline!

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“ Brian is a super nice guy. I wished we could share more life stories. You are an awesome person. Keep it up!
Imran H. Offenbach, Germany
“ Brian is one of the kindest people we’ve ever met, his positivity is contagious and he’s very helpful. Thank you so much once again!”
Phil D. Mexico City, Mexico

“ Brian ist wunderbar, sehr nett. Sehr empfehlenswert! 🙂 ”

Matthias P. Bad Blankenburg, Germany

Ways we can connect

Personal Coaching via Zoom/Signal/Telegram/Hangouts is a great way to get over self-doubt, fear and any other blockages that are holding you back. Weekly calls work well for holding you accountable to your goals. If you are struggling in any of these areas, I can be a great asset for you, as I have been with countless others.

  • Creative & emotional blocks
  • Dealing with failure
  • Feeling stuck or lack of inspiration
  • Achieving your goals
  • Wanting more money & freedom
  • Unhealthy physical & mental habits
  • Earning a living from your passion
  • Negative attitude & outlook
  • Entertaining worry, stress & fear in your thoughts
  • Self-sabotage, procrastination & laziness

1-on-1 private consultation : € 100/hr
4 x private consultations : € 375

Time zone: GMT +1 [Amsterdam, NL]

Contact to schedule your first call. Please specify your date/time preferences.

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