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Brian’s been creating travel activity books for kids since 2001. The series has grown to seven books and an app in that time. He travelled through each of the countries, doing on-site research & discovering the activities for kids to play through & learn from while having fun.

It takes a fun approach to teaching History, Geography, Social Studies, Language and Art by placing them into a travel theme. Explore Books presents different cultures, places, events, landmarks and monuments as engaging, interactive activities for kids, ages 6-12. Playful Learning is the key.

What began as printed books has expanded into interactive e-books available exclusively at Apple iBooks store. Printed books can be found at major online outlets. The best purchase price will be found at the respective publishers.

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Purchase in the United States - UK & EU

Eight Western European countries are packed into this 120-page activity book that will have the kids learning with wonder from the miraculous cultures found within. How do you say Hello in French? Want to race the Tour de France? Let’s make a pizza in Napoli!

An extensive Teacher & Answer section are in the back for Teachers & students alike to learn more about this special content, with links for online research as well 🙂

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A bite-size, two-country activity book is also available for smaller trips & travellers.
Purchase worldwide

Check out the fun inside! Brian wrote, illustrated & designed the essence-based activities giving the kids a range of 13 different activities to interact with.

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Check out the app too!

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Explore Southeast Asia is a 168-page travel activity book that covers the nine regional countries in all their majesty. Brian travelled through the nine in 2003, doing on-site research and designing the entire series.

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Bite-size country specific books also available in the S.E. Asian series here

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Stay tuned for more books & apps and collect them all! 🙂