Award-winning Branding and Design

The look & feel of your business gives an energetic impression of who you are.

Visualising from a firm foundation starts with the core building blocks. Some are generated at Logo Design level, others with House Style / Graphic Design. Both are considered part of the core Brand that bring it to life.

Brian walks you through the co-creative process to the finish line, filled with everything your brand needs to thrive in the market. You know how to use the brand and can DIY it as well. Simple solutions, great impact & affordable pricing.

Branding & Design has 3 parts : LogoGraphic & Web Design. All three parts make up the visual ‘look & feel’ that identifies your business in the market.

Logo Design

A logo is a visual identifier that tells the main story of the brand. It is so important to connect strategy to visuals & ground the visuals to speak to your target audience is job #1. The symbol needs to reflect the ‘solution’ energy of your audience. So what story are you telling to your audience?

Here we have a few recent client logos developed at Studio3B that do that in a timeless visual manner.

Graphic Design

Once the logo is final, its onto stage 2 : house style. This uses the principles & building blocks developed by the Logo and further develops them into practical applications. Having a social presence that is consistent and attractive is key. Yet all design examples (telegram group, facebook profile, business cards, flyers, etc…) need to be authentic and visually in-line with the brand’s strategy & visual guidelines, yet diverse enough to show something new on each new meeting.


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Website Design

Web design needs to be simple, easy to use (UI/UX) and provide a professional & unique experience. Web design and communication go hand-in-hand from the viewers perspective. Behinds the scenes, technically, it needs optimised SEO, secure and reliable hosting and most importantly, be easily editable since business doesn't sleep.

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Branding is part of Studio3B’s core creative business. We strive to outperform expectations and overdeliver, so you can feel great out in the market, knowing you have all the necessary tools to thrive.

If you are committed to taking your business to the next level, you can choose a branding solution that work for you. Any questions? Feel free to get in touch in the chat below.

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