Published Books

Below are the wide variety of titles available online (worldwide) that’ve been created in the studio. For more detailed information you can click on each title. For purchasing info, feel free to click on the book itself. INJOY!

Explore Books

This series takes a fun approach to teaching History, Geography, Social Studies, Language and Art by placing them into a ‘travel theme’. Explore Books presents different cultures, places, events, landmarks and monuments as engaging, interactive activities for kids, ages 6-12. Playful Learning is the key.

Cosmic Geometry Press

The first offering from this publishing house is a sacred geometric mandala, colouring series.
It is geared towards anyone interested in Making Math Fun.

Happy Food Books

This father & son children’s series, by Brian & Kaya Bibi [Age 9], presents the importance of fruit & veggies to support the physical body towards perfect health, in a fun & humorous way.

Happy Fruit Book cover

Happy Fruit Book ~ Digital & Print

Happy Veggie Book cover

Happy Veggie Book ~ Digital & Print

Happy Fruit Guidebook cover

Happy Veggie Guidebook ~ Digital

The Kingdom of Rubber & Gummy

This children’s series is an enchanting tale of fun and cuteness, set in an extraordinary world with the whims and moans of imaginary King Rubber. His friends love and support each other through fun.

De Vermiste Mantel omslag

De vermiste mantel (Dutch)
Digital & iBook

Catch the Coat of the King cover

Catch the Coat of the King
(Coming soon)

Shaddo’s Run cover

Shaddo’s Run
(Coming soon)

Butterfly Buddha

Come with us on a journey to Love with an Ascended Master & the teenage artists from Butterfly Art Studio, Siem Reap, Cambodia. This series combines Gautama Buddha’s timeless messages with newly painted works of art depicting the face of the Buddha from the eyes of local children. By purchasing this book, you bring more Peace & Prosperity into the world, for the artists, and adds good Karma & Loving Support to You as well. May You Be Blessed.

CCDO 10 Year Anniversary series

To commemorate CCDO’s ten year anniversary of serving the Cambodian people, ten personal stories were co-created from ten uniquely talented students at TaPang Secondary School in Siem Reap. With the direction of Brian Bibi, these young artists have produced ten drawings about their lives, giving us an in-depth perspective into their everyday lives. These ten stories create a closer connection to their unique culture and to raise awareness around the harsh conditions they face. For more information : Cambodian Community Dream Organization, Inc. & Facebook

Black Swan Sibyl

Whether you are finding your personal power, developing your innate psychic abilities, or just seeking answers to who you are, this series of eBooks has been written to assist you along your journey.

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