Studio3B is owned & operated by Brian Bibi.
He is a bridge supporting conscious creators to manifest abundance.

Professional attributes

Branding Expert & Coach - 22 years in the Branding & Identity Design business at the top (corporate) level with Sound Strategy & Effective, Authentic Execution at its core. #EssenceBranding

Award-winning Designer - Numerous Design & Communication awards received

Children’s Author - 24 books available worldwide 🙂 #PassiveIncome

YouTuber - 7 channels, 12.7 million views & counting 😉 #PassiveIncome

Experience & Life Coach - I listen well & speak truth. I offer insight learned from universal masters & my own wealth of experience to further support others along their journey. #WithLove

Loves: Brainstorming, Simplifying, finding solutions among the sea of possibilities, Expanding consciousness, Sharing, Caring, Listening and Loving You! 😀

Personal attributes

Blissipline Self-Practioner 😉

Alchemist - Food, Emotions, Thoughts, Actions, Energy 😉 #NaturesMagic

Extreme sports enthusiast - Hang gliding, Paragliding, Live Volcano & Mt. climbing, Hiking, Biking, Polar Bear Diving, OH MY! #FearIsntReal

World traveller / EU expat - 38 US states, 34 countries on 5 continents #TheWorldisaPlayground

Change Navigator - No F.E.A.R. / Limited thinking. Welcoming Abundance with Love & Acceptance 🙂

4D+ Unconditional Love Anchor <3

Extremely Grateful  for ALL OF IT!