About Studio3B

Studio3B is an international, design studio run by award-winning designer Brian Bibi. Based in the Netherlands, we work with clients from around the world. Focusing on our strengths & collaborating with others who do the same: We create simple, timeless, living identities.

Our specialties include : Business Strategy & Identity, award-winning Branding & Graphic Design, WordPress website builds & design, WooCommerce Shops, Book Design & Social Media Communication & Marketing. All of which provide incredible value to the customer. Brian has successfully worked with Fortune 500 companies on three continents (US, EU, Asia) leading internationally, award-winning branding teams, at the highest levels, across multiple projects & disciplines since 1998.

Design Influence

With a firm foundation from the world-class schools of design, Brian has combined these into a unique blend of visual language that satisfies even the hardest brief.

Brian combines Bauhaus & American Design aesthetics with Swiss Design typographic expertise and Dutch Design thinking for visually pleasing, living identities. This four-pronged execution is uniquely applied to add a professional look & feel to any project or business. 

Studio3B Design Style

A ‘truth finding exercise’

With proper research & visual exploration, a brand’s core essence can be discovered, brought to the surface and polished. Thus producing a true Identity that is uniquely your brand. Open-systems allow brands to breathe and grow organically providing freedom for years to come. Unshakeable in their logic, clients are given a firm foundation to build on their Identity and take it on internally with confidence.

Below, you can see behind-the-scenes at the logical design process, used to break down problems into visually pleasing solutions, to quickly & easily create our company logo :

Studio3B Design Naming

So now that we’ve got ourselves a name, let’s make it personal. We need a personal mascot that holds our unique vision & projects the studio’s essence.


& there you have it! A personal, unique logo using it’s true design elements to project it’s unique identity & personality. An open & friendly design visionary at the heart of the studio. Vióla!

For the latest design work from the studio, check out the latest Client Work here. Disclaimer : We do not take on all projects, thank you for your understanding.

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