A Morning at Elsie’s

A beautiful dream I partly remember upon waking 6 jan 17.

Come with me on a journey into the Infinite space of the Mind and Visualize with me how the place & event FEELS as you read through it. Is it Real? You tell me. HERE WE GO! ?

As the helicopter view comes closer to the earth, we find ourselves over the tip of a peninsula thats surrounded on 3 sides by water. We zoom in on a big white house and were now inside looking around the white-wall interior.

The sun is shining, the weather is sweet 😉 I open the door from the inside to see a fair distance away, a congregation of Spangler cousins walking out of a wall of light, towards the front door with their families in tow.Hands filled with picnic items and lots of smiles & great vibes of happiness & Joy 😀

I am feeling a rush of Joy & raise my arms like a rock star fan at a concert thinking OH YEA! doing the Sign of Love, n step to the side as I begin to welcome everyone in.

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 14.38.36.png

We find Grandma Spangler sewing in the far-left corner of the front room, filled with Joy, surrounded by a few young joyful children, as she’s showing one interested young boy how to sew n gives him the reigns.

Hes pushing the needle quickly through the huge quilt and going outside the lines with childlike perfection and she’s knows that the beautiful square maroon patchwork quilt piece is now perfect 😀 She’s happy to share the creative moment with him. The quilt becomes more unique because of his participation in it. There is no Fail, only Love ?

She’s in total bliss, resisting nothing, allowing all of it. She’s holding such a soft n gentle, loving vibration with the child and is happy to be in a unified, playful state with him.

She notices me, gets up, we hug and gently walks me up the stairs, arm-in-arm, into her room at the top of the stairs. I’m beaming with Joy to be around her again. Im feeling such a BIG Love, I am so grateful.

We begin talking about my appearance, how I need a haircut and a shave, we smile, and I begin to open up about my present day life. She’s smiling softly and is in a great place vibrationally.

She goes to give me something, turns & walks towards me. I look down at her hands and …

– { [ ( POOF ) ] } –

Thats all I was able to bring back with me 😀
I am so grateful and thankful for this time with my amazingly peaceful and loving grandmother this morning. I’m perceiving it as her heavenly space that I was allowed to astrally visit in the Dreamtime.

You see, Dreams are real, the moments we spend in them are real because I experienced it in my Mind’s Eye. Which doesn’t know the difference if I Imagine eating an apple and actually eat one, my mouth begins to water just the same 😉

I can hang out with Grandma Spangler and anyone else who’s passed over anytime I like, all I have to do is get quiet in my mind and bring them in. This is also possible with anyone Living as well. We can hang out anytime and have new experiences together.

Visualising being happy and enjoying time with family who’re physically separated from you is an instant reuniting in the mind’s space. Simply invite the experience and allow it. Feel being around them. Bring in Joy in the moment. Gratefulness for the new connection. Surround them with your Love and allow them also to fill you up as well. Ask anything you wish to know. Tell them anything you wish to communicate.

Such healing of deep wounds is also possible to dissolve life’s Karma and mend past wounds from our relationships. Applying radical forgiveness in that space can be so liberating for you both.

Theres so many times that I’ve dreamt, I’m back in Niles, MI hanging out with all my Elementary > University friends & family. It brings such Joy to my life to see you all again and feel your presence as we celebrate together in a unified field of consciousness. Thank you all for this wonderful experience throughout my life.

Dreams are a doorway to the infinite. Feel free to look around and show Love to all of it.

Focused visualisation during daily meditations can bring about great healing.

I am so thankful for this experience, I love you Grandma and thanks to Elsie Spangler for allowing me to visit her sacred & beautiful space this morning. It held such an amazing Peacefulness and Light. I am so grateful.

Would you like to hang out with Grandma too? Feel free. She is available to you. Simply set an intention as you hop in bed tonight & keep repeating it slowly until you fall asleep:

“I’m going to visit with Grandma Spangler tonight. I’m going to visit with Grandma Spangler tonight… ”

Over n over, slowly.

What was it like? Who was there? What was your interaction? What did it Feel like to be around her? What was she doing? After you meet with her, let me know! 😀

Dreamtime 101:

You can intentionally visit with anyone in Dreamtime. Once you set the intention you maybe lucky enough, the first time, to met with her. Yet if it doesn’t happen the first time, no need to be discouraged, or add judgement. You can do it. Trust in your power of connection and intention. Be Loving to yourself in the moment. How many things happen perfectly the first time you try them? 😉 I’ve been focusing for years.

Use the three P’s and you can Master anything this Life : Practice, Patience & Persistence.

Theres a few moments after waking consciously that you are still connected to the Dreamtime. If you rush out of bed, it will dissolve quickly. As you slowly regain conscious awareness and hold onto the dream, you can remember so much. Write them down and over time you will gain an incredible insight into your mind’s subconscious awareness. Try your best to remember the space upon waking.

I Love you and have fun Astral Travelling in the Dreamtime with your Loved ones!

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