Being a Raw Vegan has served me well

I was a strict Vegan for 3 months, eating Raw for most of it. I have now shed that label. It was highly educational & added to my perspective very much. For that I am very grateful. Yet my time with these labels is at an end.

Why you ask? Because I am more than this label or any label. I live my life with freedom and will not be pigeon-holed within ANY label or closed-box of thinking. I am living Love and it is without limits.

I highly recommend the experience of going Vegan. I lost 30lbs/14kg in 2months BANG! As a bi-product yet then was facing new health concerns as well. I cleansed the body and changed my food desires to more healthy natural options. I created many new yummy recipes in the kitchen and connected to a wonderful community of Vegans, Raw Vegans, Vegetarians, local Farmers & organic growers and look at food with more awareness. I am very grateful for this experience.

Being Vegan has the ability to show you so much compassion and open up many new world’s through further education in this world of consumption. You can find many 7-day Vegan Challenges on YouTube, try one! The support and community is amazingly vibrant with energy, love & compassion. Why not?

I personally will not be focusing so heavily on food alone. I will continue eating healthy & the majority Raw Vegan yet I refuse to stress myself out when Vegan is not available. Vegan is still my first choice, yet I can eat healthy without resisting other very healthy foods as well. Im focusing on a life of No-Resistance, Acceptance & Love. I refuse to create stress where it does not exist.

A typical Vegan Scenario to illustrate:

I wont eat that. I can’t eat here. I wont buy that. = I am:

  • Creating resistance & stress for myself & others
  • Halting opportunity by saying No
  • Boxing in the Universe to say No, No, I ONLY want it like this

None of that is Love, it is Fear-based decision-making. I will accept everything that comes to me. I will spend time in the Love vibration as much as I can. When you come across me, this is what is mainly going on in my mind & heart. A life FULL of Love, expanding it outwardly to positively help the expansion of others.

I recently created a new YouTube channel: The 40 Year Old Vegan & was developing Vegan apps & a website, yet these adult-geared, Vegan products will not be going forward.

Through many spiritual influences, I’ve reached a decision to spend my time focused on my core passion & Life’s purpose: to help educate & enlighten the children of the world for a brighter tomorrow. I have spent half my life on this path & I will continue with a stronger focus than ever before and will continue to create at a rapid pace. For this new focus, I am very grateful.

Releasing this dual focus brings me great HAPPINESS! I am Joyful when creating for children. It comes so freely & the outcome is amazingly inspired. This is where I will spend the majority of my creative time from now on. More Education & Fun for Kids.

Becoming Vegan has shown me how important it is that children know about all the healthy natural foods of the world and I am creating a full series of healthy natural food kids books along with my son, Kaya 😀 Woohoo! Co-creating the series is so much fun! 🙂 The Happy Book Series is releasing the first book this March: The Happy Fruit Book and I am happy to say it is the best creation in my career so far 🙂 YEAY! Highly educational, really funny & a great easy read for young readers.

I will not resist other projects outside of my core focus though. I will accept them also, perhaps build them up and then pass them on to others whos passions align with them at their core 😉 Co-creating is Key. Inspiration comes in many forms and being willing and open to ALL is Key. YEAY!

I hope you can find some liberation from this experience as well and can also look inside yourself if questioning your life’s purpose to find the things sitting in the way of pursuing your passions as well to remove them with Love to become your greatest version as well.

Let me know what your Life’s purpose is and how you are expressing it to the world! Woohoo! Let’s support each other to better humanity and Love each other even more.

Love, Light & Joy

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  1. Fitoru Fitness

    Very good post. Basically we know all of this, but we are so lazy to practice it. We need a constant reminder.


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