Black Seed Oil FTW :)


So I’ve come across Black Seed Oil a few times on the web and since I’m attracting it often enough, I finally gave it my full attention. WOW.

Used for thousands of years & countless medical studies later, this ‘lil flower makes black heavenly seeds for cleansing the body. OHYEA

Proper name: Nigella Sativa, or black cumin, grows wild in Southwest Asia, benefits the body against almost any foreign invader and has virtually no side-effects. Now were talkin’!

This guy loves defeating ‘superbugs’ that antibiotics can’t. These microbes are so potent because of the Phytochemicals they contain. Anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory & anti-cancer properties have been reported to help Asthma & Type-2 Diabetes & more, to name a few.

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Dutch translation: Cold Pressed Black Seed Oil / Nigella Sativa

I bought this today because I read about it helping the onset of Alzheimer’s in which I am susceptible to with a past of poor memory issues, which has literally disappeared with my Raw Vegan plant-based diet & regular exercise. Yet there’s no reason not to nip it in the bud while it’s still in it’s infancy. I’M PROACTIVELY AWSIM.

So let’s get back to the Black Seed Oil research 😉

  • Has seen a dramatic 52% decrease in Cancerous tumors
  • Repairs the Kidney very quickly for all your drinkers out there 😛
  • Causes gradual pancreatic beta-cell regeneration, increases insulin & decreases glucose for Type-2 Diabetes sufferers 🙂
  • Great for weight loss with its anti-inflammatory properties
  • Restores hair loss! Ok guys, this is really good stuff 🙂 BUYIT!
  • Decreases Eczema of the skin – YEAY

& The big one in the medical field, a superbug called ‘MRSA’ that runs rampant throughout hospitals & nursing homes around the globe. This nasty ‘lil bug preys on the elderly and is high risk after surgeries due to a weakened immune system. Black Seed Oil kills MRSA.

I’m a big fan already just from the stats & I’ve bought my first bottle today, so I’m taking my daily teaspoon [2x a day] with you here & now! & I’ll get back to you 😉

That’s right! I am a pro-active guinea pig for natural herbal meds now. I’m healthy as a horse & taking my health into my own hands before I’m forced to.

Why not live a happy & healthy life without debilitating illnesses, long into my white hair years? 😛 Two of my grandparents lived into their mid-90’s as Vegetarians, why can’t I break their record by being an extremely active Raw Vegan Alchemist? That’s it, I’M IN. Here goes nuthin’, cas I’m hittin 40 in June!

Say ahhhhh….

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 23.21.55

NICE! You can taste the healthiness. WOW. I’m in Love again. YEAY! IM AWSIM. Food is medicine & I AM HEALTH. NJOY

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    Good read, informative and well written. Learned a lot today.


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