Waking up with a Smile

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Ive created 100 posts on Instagram now from a new account in just a few short weeks. Ive been ultimately inspired from the new areas opening up in my life and I am sharing this journey. Through exploring my Gratefulness, Positive Focus & Love, I am thriving. <3

Every other evening I make a liter jug of fresh juice, either vegetable or fruit, from 5-6 different whole superfood sources and I whip up a new batch for the next mornings feast. Usually a two-day supply depending on if my 9yr old, Kaya, is in the house [he’s awesome btw]

Every morning, I pour a glass of this brilliant elixir and I show my gratefulness for this abundance by creating how my smoothies make me feel. #IseeSmilingFaces The juice smiles back at me and it gives me such joy to create first thing in the morning and give thanks at the same time for this bountiful glass of natural healthy goodness. 🙂

Ive been researching food, what it does to the body, what the body needs, what nutrition is necessary and what isn’t. What destroys the body, what to avoid, etc… Im digging though multiple YouTube channels, being a YouTuber myself with 6 live channels & a 7th & 8th in the works and Ive found so much great information, so quickly, cross-checked it across multiple streams and am reaping the benefits in my life.

I was feeling bad 1 year ago. Eating processed frozen pizzas every night, not caring about the body as my age steadily increased. I just wanted the hunger to go away so I could continue working my ass off. My energy was lacking, n Id throw in a Red Bull. After a short fix, Id feel the comedown and throw in a second. Sometimes a third. I was destroying myself from the inside FAST. :O

Since Ive done a few detox’s in the past and understood the Vegetarian lifestyle from my parents from a young age, I switched things up and haven’t looked back since.

Im now a Raw Vegan for a few months now and am in control of my health to a very high degree and feeling so great, since the energy form all the live enzymes and micronutrients are being absorbed right away and nourishing the body on impact BOOM! I LOVE IT 😀

Instagram has connected me to a wealth of Vegans out there posting such magical creations, it gives me inspiration and motivation to continue on my path to create, smile & live a full healthy life, cruelty-free and full of Love. I am grateful to be a part of this amazing family.

If you have every felt bad form food and wondered why, take a few minutes and start digging through the countless sites on the internet about health n nutrition, especially the ones that have your current diet as the main focus.

Its shockingly alarming to KNOW what were doing to our bodies with the food we eat and also the ultimate motivator to create the change your looking for in your Lifes journey. You HAVE the ability to change your circumstances and it all comes from our Thoughts, Words & Actions, which lead to Habits & our Character eventually. So by Gaining Knowledge, you empower yourself to make better choices with Knowledge & Science at the core. So what are you waiting for? 😛

Feel free to join me on this journey through Mindfulness, Love & Veganism this year and get inspired from watching it all go STRAIGHT UP 😀 It’s extremely contagious and healthy for the Mind, Body & Soul. So hop in! Id love to have you aboard and grateful to be of service and hoping you find more Peace by experiencing this together with me this year.

Be well & Happy living,



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  1. Robin Nieto

    Loving your daily blog. Went vegan almost 4 years ago and lost almost 50 pounds. Still more to lose but being healthier feels great!


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