Welcome 2016 with a Smile!

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YEAY! Welcome to a new year, new possibilities, a fresh start and let the Year of Dreams begin!
I’ve got a great idea to start the year:

When the external starts playing with your internal, ‘Let it Go’. When the moment passes, do your best to not hang onto it n let it simmer to a boil n blow. Be mindful of the moment, let it go n get back to enjoying your life 🙂

When the past event springs up again like new, gently refocus n bring yourself back to the present moment. Think of it like horse training. When the horse jumps out of line, gently & kindly, bring it back and begin again until the habit takes shape.

Life is happening Now. The past is gone, no need for regrets, simply learn from it n let it go.

The future isn’t here, no need to worry about what hasn’t happened yet. Simply plan, prepare n be ready n when that moment passes, let it go also. Do your best not to let F.E.A.R. control your thoughts, words n actions. ‘False Evidence Appearing Real’ ISN’T.

Stay in the Now n Smile 😀 Give yourself a great compliment. Tell yourself your doing great n achieving what you so desire. Only when you love yourself 100% n consciously stay in the present moment, will you find the happiness you so deserve.

So let 2016 be your year to be Happy. The Happiest you’ve ever been. You deserve it don’t you? 😉 Let every day be a New Year’s celebration. Let every moment be a party n celebrate life this year by simply letting all it all go n becoming the shining light you know you are. Show others how great life can be and be the reason why someone smiles today. Shine on you crazy diamond!

I will be posting on topics that relate to our everyday lives, food for living well and how we can design ourselves to become our greatest versions. Let’s hang out & enjoy the abundance! Expansion! A new blog! OH MY 😛




  1. Ramona crone

    Sometimes when our lives feel so out of our control we tend to grip things tighter out of fear. Learning to let it go and release our grip takes a conscience effort and “training” as you say. Love this post.
    Change happens slowly over time and positive reinforcement.
    Happy Monday!!!

    1. 3Beebs

      You are so right 😀 We have to grow into the perspective that is able to see through the problems. That requires Daily focus, dedication to growth and practice.

      Either we take the time to give that power back to ourselves by facing our dark issues or they grow until we are Forced to and the journey will be much harder. I agree! Happy Monday! YEAY! ROCK AAN 😛

  2. Agustin

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    1. Beebs

      And you are so entitled 😀


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