18 Days of Gratefulness continues… Day 2 : DIVINE TIMING ♥️? ?

gratefulness day 2

~ My first thought of the day ~ 0933 15FEB18

Since this was the first thought, here’s what I mean by ‘given’.

My Day Today by the Numbers : 

1001 ~ Waking up stress-free and bless a few travellers on their way to the next stop on their journey. ?

1011 ~ Encouraging my life partner to be strong and KNOW you have completed this part of the journey successfully, simply remember and step into your power. Message received. ?

1022 ~ Meditating peacefully connecting to my Universe and dedicating my time today to create amazing energy within n without the body as a sign of gratitude for the All that is. ?

1101 ~ Begining with a divinely blessed fruit smoothie and organic muesli bowl, I plug in for the benefit of all. ?

1111 ~ Starting with my general daily plan n allow for the organic flow of the moment to guide me to the activities I shall participate in today. Without prior knowledge & beknownst to my planning, I spent 7 hours on the phone today supporting conscious creators over three continents. Together we lit up new realities of increasingly expansive abundance for the planet and everyone therein. ?

1212 ~ Coaching a creator to a place of clarity that illuminated us both. My body flooded with light multiple times during our intensely activating energetic exchange. Here we go! ?

1515 ~ Congratulating another conscious being for the movement theyve made in their amazing journey to abundance n freedom. Well done, time to celebrate & be grateful! ?

1533 ~ Asking the Universe to bring me more of what I need to fulfill my roll and it was met with a “Hows delivery next Thursday / Friday” WONDERFUL ?

1616 ~ Thanking the universe for the magic money it provides with little to no effort on my part, while it continues to arrive abundantly from multiple sources on an ongoing basis. ?

1633 ~ Relaying to my co-creative partner abundant news as they have some to share as well. I acknowledge the fact that we are expanding rapidly in this new energy and how grateful I am to be co-creating together. We are finally seeing why the Universe had placed us together so many years ago next to eachother as expats on bar stools talking about our travels. We are birthing our new intertwined realities together so miraculously with the blessing of the Universe itself. ?

1717 ~ The Universe synchronizes another conscious creator into my field and I openly welcome them as the I that is We and pledge to get to know them asap, cas Im movin’ today! Love You! Talk more tomorrow YEAY! ?

1723 ~ Investing more energy into an ongoing divine healing project that is expanding at an enormous rate bringing with it growth opportunities on multiple mental & emotional levels for all. This blessed vision is solidifying more n more in my expansive multidimensional experience. I Trust. ?

1818 ~ Celebrating the masterful clarity that the next conscious creator brought to the table on my last creator call of the day. They present their energy brilliantly in the flow of an integrated state and we organically devise our joint actions for the greatest good of all. At the end of the call we smile joyfully. ?

1909 ~ Inviting four beautiful souls into my home who show me Divine patience while i tend to other projects. Turns out theyre from South Bend, Indiana and lived a few miles away from where I grew up. The Universe has a brilliant sense of humour and the blessings continue, as do the synchronicities and laughter. I was in Michigan today as well. ?

1947 ~ Finally unpluging. The day has flown by so quickly and Ive talked the entire time. A very different welcome change has occurred today and played out perfectly for the benefit of All. ???

2202 ~ One last call with my beloved and I remind her of the miracle that today is. ?

After this day of co-creation, endurance and clarity, I celebrate the energy in n outside of myself and every living being.

As it begun, so it ends. Completing a cycle with peace, in abundance, driven by gratefulness and the willingness to serve, Giving thanks for this life, this day, this moment. Getting to share it all with so many makes it even greater. It is an honour to be here supporting the Universe.

Whatever happens, whatever you are asked to do this day, feel free to add lots of Love for All to the energy you give to your endeavours. It makes all the difference.

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