gratefulness day 6

Choice is Powerful. We are All given this Super Power from birth. We can choose how to do our hair, what words to speak, what habits we develop and so on… This is where Responsibility is rooted. In Choice. This is where Empowerment is rooted. In Choice. This is where Freedom is rooted. In Choice.

Ive chosen a life of service and my Universe is providing abundantly. I Trust n All is provided above n beyond any needs I place before it. I Surrender All expectation n assumption of what ‘Should’ happen, letting go of all my needs and the Universe brings a plethora of experience to me to integrate & transcend. I bring Love for All to experience around me and I take nothing personal. These are a few of my choices that are now anchored habits.

My Universe is bringing the World to me and I am welcoming everyone with open arms, a still mind and Open Heart. Welcoming them as myself. I Love You as myself. 100%. I Allow All to unfold around me as Grace pours into every situation. All is Divine. All is Perfection. This is my Choice.

I Trust and All is provided. I Love and there is more to Love. I Celebrate ALL of my experience, rooted in Gratefulness for the All that is and my Joy grows exponentially. Expansion is everywhere within n without me. I choose to resonate with it upon waking and during all moments of consciousness. 

We choose. We see. We Love. We Choose everyday how we will experience our moments and when we choose Freedom of Expression, Love for All and Responsibility for All of it, we encounter a Magical existence unimaginable in scope.

These are my first thoughts upon waking.

I Choose that Now. 



Good morning, Universe. 

I Love You.

Thank you for all of it.


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ps. Time to get up out of bed for another day of Magical unfolding Amazingness. What will You choose today?

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