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There’s a well-known saying :

Ask & You Shall Receive.

Well, I’ve been asking!...  & receiving Abundantly!

I am experiencing instant manifestation Now. By focusing my energy and being receptive.

I asked for support today while clearing childhood trauma, that I caused, from my unconscious choices.

Absolute Neglect was dissolved today through conscious action. 30 years of this timeline resonating in the background of my energetic field, outside of awareness came up n was partially dissolved because of my focus & action to ASCEND THIS BODY.

Minor F.E.A.R. began rising from my inner child who caused this state and was met with Love & Care n comfort that Everything is OK. No more trauma would be experienced in lifting this out of our field. ❤

Staying in the Moment and it was let go.

My moment of Truth had the full support of the Karmic Board, the Angelics, Masters, etc... Comforted, surrounded n flushed with Love throughout every cell instantly upon asking.

With a focus on loving the body through the process of dissolving this trauma n being grateful in the moment for all of it, the experience became painless n over quickly.

Continuing my day with many elated smiles pointed at everyone I can lay my eyes on while biking and feeling lighter with having the courage to release this deep seated experience, it was a wonderful few moments today.

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